07/17/2021 – The Wood – Saturday – Ruck Club

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Rushed from EBC at the Colosseum to get setup on the hill.  Gorgeous day.


Started letting all the PAX know that while I am not a professional, I do have an expectation for them to come and put in work and will require them not to cheat themselves by doing half reps, poor form or skipping to “keep up”.   I demonstrated the proper form for the exercises we would be doing that day as well as the proper modifications.  By showing up to a beatdown we are committed to getting better and being held accountable to put in the work. Once we start doing SSH we will not stop until we are sufficiently warmed up SSH 10 x Good Mornings SSH 5 Burpees SSH 10 x Abe Vigodas SSH 5 Burpees SSH 10 Imperial Walkers SSH 5 Burpees SSH 10 Arm Circles SSH 5 Burpees SSH till six is done

The Thangs

Thang 1:4 Corners on the Hill while wearing ruck sack Station 1: 1 Squat, Run Up Hill 50 meters to Station 2 Station 2: 1 Merkin, Side Crawl 50 meters to Station 3 Station 3: 1 Merkin, Crawl Bear 50 meters down hill to Station 4 Station 4: 1 Squat, Ruck back to Station 1 Rinse and Repeat until 7:20 am If a PAX was lapped both the person that caught them and the person that was caught stopped and ran up and down the hill returning to their position and then continued on.


Bro-Tractor – Each PAX laid on their back with their coupons pressed up, raised their legs 6 inches off the ground.  We then went in a circle like a ring of fire.  Each PAX was told to shout out an angle which then the PAX had to hold while that PAX shared something they were thankful for that they get from F3.  When the PAX finished the next PAX yelled out an angle and stated what they were thankful for. 1 Merkin – 1/4 down, 1/2 down, 3/4 down – hold until 7:30 and then push all the way back to plank

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Since joining F3 I have noticed that our 1st F is at times lacking.  We show up but are more worried about finishing first or not falling behind that we cheat the exercises, do half reps or flat out skip something.  We are all guilty of it.  One of my goals this year is to design Qs that allow PAX to get a solid beatdown but also not have to sacrifice form or cheat themselves to get through it.  For those of us that showed up to Disco Balls fitness test for GrowRuck, we were all humbled to find out that doing 55 PROPER merkins in 2 minutes was almost impossible, yet somehow we Q that on a regular basis and finish in 30 seconds.  We are not accelerating when we do that.  We are cheating ourselves.  If I am at a workout, I will be calling people out.  I will be pushing for accountability.  It will be uncomfortable but know I expect the same from you towards me.  I want to be better.  I want to accelerate and through Q source, I know I cannot do that alone.  When I get up in the morning, I expect to be pushed.  I expect to be challenged and I expect others to hold me accountable.  We only cheat ourselves by screwing around during beatdowns and not actually doing the exercises.  F3 is for High Impact Males.  If you are showing up hungover, still drunk, looking to just get by or being distracting for a Q you are not what F3 is looking for.  You are not only hurting yourselves, but you are hurting the other PAX that did show up to work and get better.  They now have to carry you because we leave no man behind.  There are no lasting awards or praise for coming out here every day.  We don’t get a trophy or some other great thing to hang on our walls.  We are here to get better and be better men.  We are here to take what we learn and expand it into our families, peer group and communities.  We come to be the example.  I challenge each of you to be that example every time you show up.

Naked Man Moleskine

Special shoutout to @Hanger.  He led from the front today and pushed each of us.  He showed humility when catching the Six but not passing them.  He stayed right next to them and pushed them to finish strong. @Binford hopefully calling you out helps you not to quit on yourself again with only 20 feet to go.  You are stronger than you believe.  As a future Site-Q, you will need to be the example for not only the 6 but for everyone that is there.  If you quit, everyone will think it is acceptable and that is not the growth we want from our PAX Everyone pushed incredibly hard today.  Hopefully, I was able to make you reconsider leaving an open Q spot in the future.
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