07/10/2021 – The Colosseum – Saturday –EBC-“300”

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The night before it felt like my first Q….. I was afraid I would oversleep, not hear my alarms and Fart Sack my 300th post.  I set about 25 different alarms just to make sure I woke up on time…… I mean who wants to Fart Sack their 300th Post, especially one you are Qing?  Arrived onsite about 5:00am, to a nice cool morning, slight breeze, no humidity.  No set up necessary so headed to the flag to meet a few of the PAX that had already showed up and waited for the rest to arrive.


Motivators from 6 Good Mornings 10 IC Imperial Walkers 10 IC Arm Circles IC 10 each way  

The Thangs

Thang 1:Pearls on a string Ran from flags to entrance of facility. Station 1:  Explained how in F3 there is this ackward exercise that most like to do on a bridge going over a busy street.  I do not have a bridge over a busy street, but I do have a street.  25 Monkey humpers IC Ran from Entrance drive down sidewalk to where path and sidewalk intersect Station 2:  Explained how one of my beginning workouts I ran into this guy named 5 Putt, who said we were going to do a shoulder smoker exercise, We were not supposed to bring blocks (later i learned Coupon was the appopriate word) so I said to myself you cannot work shoulders without weight.  25 of EACH IC without putting arms down, Seal claps, Over head Claps, Grady Corns, Pretzel Shoulder taps Ran from intersection to just past Tree in Path Station 3:  There is a person that couldnt make it to this workout, but really helped me get to 300, this is one of his go to Exercises, Low Plank Pawn Star J-LOs 20 IC Ran from Station 3 to just before bridge, lined up in two lines Station 4:  I use to see a bridge and think how cool it was, would stop and look over at what was below, now I see a bridge and think how much it will suck to bear crawl over the bridge….. PAX went two at a time bear crawling to other side of bridge, others held plank until their turn, repeated back to starting point once everyone was over bridge Ran from Bridge to area between two base ball fields Station 5:  In F3 one of the first things you learn is there are many many different ways to get from Point A to Point B.  Split group up between fields, two at at time (while others held plank) did the following Home to 1st- Lunge Walk 1st to Second:  Crab crawl second to third:  Duck Walk Third to Home: Gorilla Walk Run from Baseball fields to big Pavilion Station 6:  I first did this exercise with BOZO at EOP, then you all remember when Bone Spur brought this to The ridge.  50 4-count squats IC Run from Pavilion to 40 Yard Dash Station 7:  First time I worked out at the “New Colosseum Dilly had us all do sprints, Toby pulled a hamstring, still remember it like it was today.  PAX sprinted against one another while others held plank, then moseyed to the flags  


American Hammers 20 IC Burpee Ring of fire, cause you cant have an EBC without a Burpee ring of fire (3 burpees each others held plank)

Circle of Trust (CoT)

First of all, thank you for coming to my 300th post.  358 Days ago I started this Journey in F3, and damn what a journey its been.  I reflect all the time where I was this time last year and it is amazing how far I have come, I was a sad clown, however I can no longer claim that title.  300 post ago I walked into Settlers Park I was greeted by all these wierdos with these Ridiculous crazy names.  I honestly thought somebody was playing a joke on me.  Now Here I am a year later, greeting that FNG with a fist bump telling him my name is Disco Ball, I’m the one that is looked at like a crazy wierdo.  The Last year I have pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could do, F3 lit a spark in me that has grown like a wildfire, not just physically but mentally and emotionally I am challenging myself on a daily basis.  I’ve formed bonds with people I never would have met.  I’ve posted in 12 different regions personally, posted on several different virtual, I have talked to guys just like me who want to Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and Leave Right.  What other organization allows you the avenues to do that?  Next Saturday is my 1 Year anniversary, and I am bummed I do not get to spend it with you all, but I do get the Privilege of participating in a grow ruck with over 150 PAX, 90% I have never met, but come Sunday morning I will have a bond with those 150 PAX that cant be broken.  I look forward to the next 300 post, although I can promise you it wont happen in a year.  I look forward to being there for you all, to getting to know all of you better, and you me better.  From the bottom of my heart I appreciate and love you all.

Naked Man Moleskine

Storm Chaser- EBC starts at 5:15am sharp :-)   Seriously thank you for the awesome tribute and surprising announcement, I was truly taken aback by this part of the day
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July 10, 2021

The Colosseum

Who was there?

Total PAX: 16

PAX that HC’d:Bailout, Bedpan, Better Call Saul, Bob Villa, Bone Spur, Bunker, Den Mother, Dilly Dilly, Disco Ball, Hanger, Skinner, Slinky, Storm Chaser, Vern, Woody, Wreck It Ralph
Fartsacks:Pi 3.14

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