07/03/2021 – The Wood – Ruck Club

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Arrived at my typical 6:22am time coming from EBC.  Most PAX were already circling in the parking lot, rucks on, ready to rock.  Weather was cool with a slight breeze, awesome for a hard core ruck.


Knee and Ankle rotation, 8 Each Way Trunk Rotation 8 each way Arm Circles 10 each way Neck Rotation 10 each way

The Thangs

Thang 1:Ruck…Ruck….Ruck Set out to get at least 4 miles in.  We did a 3-1 Ruck to Mosey Pace In the end we got 4.38 miles in 55 minutes


Did not get to

Circle of Trust (CoT)

I was one of the privelaged to serve this Country, and I mean it when I say it was an honor, not a sacrifice.  America will be 245 years old tomorrow.  245 years old because a group of men got together and said they didnt want to live the current way, they wanted their freedom.  They called signed a document declaring that and they fought for that. In a smaller scale, at some point over the last year you all made your declaration that you didnt want to live the way you were anymore and joined F3.  You decided you wanted to Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and eventually Leave Right.  We are all in different phases of those 4, but same as our fore fathers we decided we were going to make a change, so keep accelerating, have a great Holiday Weekend, dont do anything stupid, and if you need anything call me up

Naked Man Moleskine

Shout out to Pawn Star, who for the last 15 minutes, set out on his own pace to get in 5 miles.  He ended up in the parking lot for a couple loops to finish off, we were there to greet him and bring him home
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