07/03/2021 – The Ridge – Saturday – Boot Camp – FOOTBALL WITH FOUNDATION

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Showed up onsite around 6 and ran 2 miles before to warm up.

Thanks to everyone who showed up on the holiday weekend


SSH 25 Good Mornings 10 Abe Vigodas 10 Arm Circles 10

The Thangs

Thang 1:Ultimate Football Throw within two steps after catching. 3 merkins for everyone after any dropped pass 10 air squats if the other team scores or gets an interception


Big Boys 45 Pickle Pushers 20 Scissor Kicks 15 Hold High Plank until end

Circle of Trust (CoT)

For the COT, I wanted to talk about the 4th of July and what it signifies. Independence Day, better known to some people as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. It’s historically significant because the Continental Congress declared the 13 American colonies no longer were subject to the British monarch. Let that sink in. In 1776, Britain was the global superpower, and to declare independence took a lot of guts. Of course, the United States had to win the lengthy American Revolutionary War, which it did against the far superior army and navy.  At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the Continental Army and the militias were surely outnumbered. Moreover, the difference was all the more graphic considering that the British army was considered to be among the most well trained in the world, and the Americans had no professional training at all. The Continental Army did not exist until the war, and most state militias were amateurish affairs where some members didn’t have uniforms or even working weapons. Some in the Continental Army had never handled a weapon before.   Remember your first day of F3, we showed up some more out of shape than others, and started pushing to improve our fitness.  But those brave men showed up on that first day over 240 years ago did so not just to get in shape but had to get in shape and learn how to fight and to knowingly and willingly go fight the best military in the world. So, although Independence Day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Americans’ quest for freedom went way beyond that act. Simple signatures don’t always do the trick. However, Americans have been celebrating Independence Day for years, and, like Christmas, sometimes the true meaning gets lost in all the hoopla. That hoopla, such as fireworks, parades and cookouts, represents a good time for families and communities. That’s fine. They are a fun way for people to get together and have fun, hopefully in a safe manner. But Independence Day means more than sparklers, just as Christmas means more than presents under the tree. It represents people’s efforts to earn and keep freedom, and we can’t lose sight of that. Again, we love a fireworks display and a July 4 parade, with its decorated floats, marching bands and U.S. flags. But people should remember all the sacrifices that went into the celebration, and those sacrifices, in some way or another, continue. Throughout the course of the war, an estimated 6,800 Americans were killed in action, 6,100 wounded, and upwards of 20,000 were taken prisoner. Historians believe that at least an additional 17,000 deaths were the result of disease, including about 8,000–12,000 who died while prisoners of war. Let’s finish by facing the Flag’s and saying the Pledge of Allegiance together, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands One nation, under God Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. In lieu of prayer, I want to end with moment of silence for those brave men of all ages for those 40,000 men who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their Country which was not even yet born. God Bless the U.S.A.

Naked Man Moleskine

Ended with moment of silence for those who died during the Revolutionary War to give us our Country
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