06/30/2021 – The Wood – Wednesday – Bootcamp

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I got to the AO at 4:40, temp was 74, real feel 82 and very muggy. I set up cones and got a little walk in to loosen up.

Good Morning and thank you for coming.

I am not a professional, you came out voluntarily and are participating at your own risk. I know of no injuries so please be mindful of your limits and modify any exercise you need to.

F3 workouts are;

  • free of charge
  • open to all men
  • held outdoors rain, shine hot or cold
  • peer led
  • Always ends in a circle of trust


Motivators from 5 – IC Tappy Taps, X 13 – IC 5 Step ups each leg – OYO Forward & Backward Arm Circles, X 10 – IC Good Mornings with Arm twists, X 10 – IC

The Thangs

Thang 1:Bears & Blocks 3 parking spots, do 1 Welsh Dragon. Lunge walk 3 parking spots carrying coupon. Do 1 Thruster. Bears & Blocks 3 parking spots, do 2 Welsh Dragons. Lunge walk 3 parking spots carrying coupon. Do 2 Thrusters. Bears & Blocks 3 parking spots, do 3 Welsh Dragons. Lunge walk 3 parking spots carrying coupon. Do 3 Thrusters.
Thang 2:Mosey W/Coupon toward the hill to 1st station, Do 10 Big Boys. Mosey W/Coupon toward the hill to 2nd station, Do 10 Goblet Squats. Mosey W/Coupon toward the hill to 3rd station, Do 10 Coupon Swings. Mosey W/Coupon to the hill and do 4s, Air Squats / Blockees on top of hill. Mosey W/Coupon to the 3rd station, Do 10 Big Boys Mosey W/Coupon to the 2nd station, Do 10 Chest Presses. Mosey W/Coupon to the 1st station, Do 10 Air Squats
Thang 3:Same as Thang 1 but in reverse. 3 Step UPs each leg then 3 Air Squats, approx 3 rounds till Mary.


  • 30 Seconds of Star Gazing.
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Captain Thors to 4 x 16
  • Freddie Mercurys
  • 3X Merkin Ring of Fire.
  • Scissor Kicks till 6 am

Circle of Trust (CoT)

I had some many thoughts, I could decide on one direction for our COT. I just recapped all of those thoughts. I was vacationing for 2 weeks, didn’t work out as much as I should have and ate and drank too much. It’s easy to think about talk yourself into not coming out when you take a break, stay active! I did post 4 times last week was intending on a 6 pack but let the weather be my excuse for not posting Fri & Sat because my knees were hurting, I regret not soldering through! I have to shout out to @Bob_Villa & @ Potty_Mouth for helping me finish up those 4 posts last week! It’s important to EH other PAX during the workout, it makes a difference. I was thinking Tadpole & Happy Gilmore have become sad clowns. We need to  reach out to any PAX whose MIA for 3-5 days, keep that EH tight. With July 4th on my mind, this week I saw someone trying out for the Olympics turn their back to the Flag during the National Anthem. While I believe everyone should be allowed to express their feelings, I believed this was the wrong place and time! I thought it was extremely disrespectful. This led me to think about individuals that serve, including Apples! Pi is proud but as a Parent you always want them to be safe, everyone, please keep all those that serve in your thoughts going forward.

Naked Man Moleskine

Give thanks for all the brothers that came out and to all the other brothers. Keep them safe, motivated and accelerating. Prayers for Kristen Howard, (cancer sucks & she’s too young to have to deal with it several times). Prayers for Pi’s M to recover quickly from surgery. Amen
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