06/29/2021 – Black Diamond – Tuesday

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Rained alot the day before, Forecast called for Rain shortly after we should be done.

Got to the AO around 4:50, set the chalk and radio at the base of the hill, came back and met the PAX as they circled up


Motivators from 6 IC Good Mornings 10 IC Knee and ankle rotation 10 each way IC Hip Rotation 8 each way IC Neck Roatation OYO 10 each way Michael Phelps 10 IC Mosey to Hill with Ruck/Coupon

The Thangs

Thang 1:10 Thrusters on one side of the hill, up and over 10 burpees on the other side, back over hill to Ruck/Coupon.  Standard was 15 Rounds in 40 Minutes.  No one was able to complete, fastest guys completed 13 rounds, everyone completed at least 10 rounds
Thang 2:Bear crawl 10 steps, 1 burpee bear crawl 10 more steps 2 burpees. Kept this up until we got to 10 burpees  


LBCs- 25 IC Flutter Kicks 25 IC Hold Plank till 6

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Wanted to first tell everyone I failed as QIC, I set a standard that was unrealistic, however everyone pushed themselves to the absolute max, and that I appreciate and am thankful for.  Even John Denver who got hurt in the beginning, he kept moving and did what he could.  That is motivating. We have a few CAUSP events coming up, I encourage all that can participate where they can.  Its not about the event, its about the guys you are with and completing that event.  Its about the bond you form with those that are in it with you

Naked Man Moleskine

One of the hardest workouts I have ever ran.  Its a spinoff of Grow Ruck BC last year that @dilly_dilly brought to crossroads, but as they say train like you fight!!!!
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June 29, 2021

The Ridge

Who was there?

Total PAX: 9

PAX that HC’d:Better Call Saul, Boston Butt, Den Mother, Disco Ball, John Denver, ShortSale, Sparkler, Uncle Rico, Vern

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