06/28/2021 – The Wood – Monday – Boot Camp

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Didn’t sleep much as I was excited and anxious to get out to the gloom.  An early morning sprinkle seemed to keep the temperatures low and all signs of heavy rain were lifting.  It was going to be a calm humid day in the gloom


I’m not a professional disclaimer SSH x 30 Good Mornings x 10 Abe Vigodas x 11 **extra caused by day dreaming Goof Balls x 10 Arm Circles forward and back ea x 10 OYO stretching while we went over the Thang…..

The Thangs

Thang 1:Mozey to the hill 3 cones were placed in equal distances ascending up the hill. stairways to seven; bottom of the hill- Burpee bear crawl to cone-Merkin bear crawl to cone- Big Boy bear crawl to top of the hill-Squat mozey down the hill and to the original lot- 10 SSH’s rinse and repeat increasing the reps of the hill exercises by 1 each time **EC points awarded for most gnats swallowed on hill  


On your 6… heel taps x 20 hold plank 1 merkin ring of fire keep holding 2 merkin ring of fire 3 merkin ring of fire 4 merkin ring of fire 5 merkin ring of fire flutter kicks x 10 swimmers x 10 recover recover  

Circle of Trust (CoT)

The cot today was all about embracing the suck on the gloom and how lucky we are to have that as our suck So thankful to have Hanger introduce me to the interfaith food pantry and to show me what embracing the suck can look like for a lot of people.  I am lucky enough, where my suck, is crawling up and down a wet hill and cutting weight and keeping me health in check.  While a lot of others are embracing their suck and needing assistance to support and feed their families.  My suck is a lot less shitty then most and for this I am very grateful.  However, whatever that suck is,  embrace it,  face it,  and crush it!

Naked Man Moleskine

Shout out to Tuohy who almost broke the stairway to seven and led us all from the front Shout out to Bunker who keeps getting better and better everyday and is a true inspiration of a never quit attitude! Shout out to Bunny Hill for having my 6 and all of the other PAX for coming out and embracing the suck with me, and certainly a big shout out to……………….PI! for fueling us with some nice strong coffee!    
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