06/28/2021 – The Colosseum – Monday – Run Club

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Welcome to the Colosseum Run Club.  We will start and finish today with the 5 principles of F3

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to All Men
  3. Held outdoors rain or shine
  4. Led by peers in a rotating fashion without requiring certification or expertise
  5. Ends in a Circle of Trust


30 x SSH Stretch Mosey to the bridge Stretch

The Thangs

Thang 1:8 x 1/4 mile sprints 1:30 minute rest in between Focus is the sprint so use the rest to fully recover, stretch and lower your heart rate.  Goal of 90 seconds or less based on PAX in attendance (6 minute mile pace)


Mosey back to flags

Circle of Trust (CoT)

As I said, we will start and finish with the 5 principles.  We do a great job of keeping a tight beatdown in regards to cadence, punctuality and preparation. One thing we recite but are not as consistent at each workout are the principles of F3.  Like the terms HIM or Freed to Lead, we tend to misuse or extend the true meaning.  We call PAX HIMs that we all know are working towards being a HIM but nobody in Crossroads has achieved that status yet so we should reserve using that for those that are truly a HIM.  Freed to Lead we have discussed before doesn’t mean do whatever you want.  It means you have been opened up and are ready to lead. Our principles in F3 are the same.  Language is important and words should not be misunderstood.  I would like to focus on the 1st 2 principles: 1) Free of Charge – we tend to just say it is Free to workout but that is not the core of this principle.  This means it doesn’t cost money but our beatdowns are not free of everything.  This is purely financial.  Our cost is showing up with a willingness to accelerate, an openess to get better and readiness to be held Accountable.  It is paid for by the sweat and hard work of the men that get up each morning and lead.  It is our duty to pay them that respect and continue to push them and each other to be their best self. 2) Open to All Men – this means we accept everyone through our doors.  This doesn’t mean we conform or cater to All Men.  Goo Nation is the majority and those men are welcomed into our circle but it is our job to push them to accelerate not allow them to modify our Stansards and divert our course of acceleration for their comfort zone.  F3 is not For all men, we are Open to All Men.  A very big difference. I am a disruptor.  My fitness goals are beginning to be on auto pilot as I push to continue to Get Right.  My next goals for myself is to push each PAX every day to be a better version of themselves.  To push each person out of their comfort zone and say the tough things.  I am very aware that this will not make instant friendships and that many will view this as shaming and uncomfortable but I assure you it is out of love.  It is from a place that I know every one, including myself, can be better.  With that, I challenge and encourage each of you to hold me accountable.  Help me build my guardrails.  I am aggressive and passionate.  I need my brothers to keep that passion moving in a positive direction.  It will be uncomfortable but we will all grow together because of it.  Those willing to accelerate will and those that are content on being a member of Goo Nation will be called out and given the choice to accelerate or be continue to feel shamed and uncomfortable but it will be their choice.  We are Open to All Men but may not be For All Men.

Naked Man Moleskine

Father, please give us the strength to do the uncommon and the uncomfortable.  Help us push our brothers to be their best self.  In your name we pray…amen
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