06/22/2021 – The Ridge – Tuesday – Bootcamp

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Promised a nine-finger beat down today, and quickly realized there are plenty of ways The Ridge can be utilized with a broken finger! Left the coupon at home, grabbed some cones and rolled into the AO at 4:45 to set up. Perfect morning. Low 50’s, no wind. Dropped cones and signs at the stations and moseyed over to the pavilion to test out one of the planned exercises—box jumps. Maybe I wasn’t warmed up. Maybe I just have short legs. Maybe I’m just a wuss. But I attempted one box jump and almost broke my face. So I immediately grabbed a Sharpie and changed the sign from Box Jumps to Step-Ups. And we were ready!


Good mornings (10) Imperial Walkers (10) Tappy Taps (10) Arm Circles (10/10) Typewriters (10)

The Thangs

Thang 1:Four stations Station #1 (Pavilion)
  • Derkins (10)
  • Step-ups (10 each leg)
  • One leg lefts (20)
Run 0.2 miles down path to station #2 Station #2 (Bus stop)
  • Hand release merkins (10)
  • Bonnie Blair’s (10 both legs = 1)
  • Big boys (20)
Run 0.3 miles across field, over hill, through field to station #3 Station #3 (Clubhouse parking lot)
  • Incline merkins (10)
  • Broad jumps (10)
  • Big boys (20)
Run 0.1 miles through field to north side of hill. Station #4 (Side of hill)
  • Catalina wine mixers (10)
  • No surrenders (10)
  • Big boys (20)
Run 0.2 miles, up side of hill, across peak of the Ridge, down back side of hill to the pavilion. Rinse and repeat.


Captain Therkins up to 5/20

Circle of Trust (CoT)

During one of Joe Dirt’s Bible study discussions, I was reminded that I hadn’t been reading books to my kids lately. I don’t remember what we were discussing that led to that thought, but reading to my kids was a nightly tradition I had maintained for years. And it was important to me. Over the first 5 or 6 years of their lives, I realized the benefits of them sitting on my lap while I read them a bedtime story—they became excellent readers, and we spent quality time together. But as kids grow up, nights get busier and it became easy to find an excuse to skip reading that book. So since I realized this at Bible study a few weeks ago, I made it a priority to revive this ritual—and I am already noticing the same positive effects. I notice the same thing with sports. My kids were *blessed* with my wife’s athletic ability and baseball has been a bit of a struggle for them. So I have dedicated time to playing catch and pitching to them…and I see the positive results that come from that well-spent time. Not only are they getting better (slowly) at throwing, catching and hitting, but the time we spend together does wonders for all of us. Its a simple piece of advice I am sharing today: pay attention to how you spend your time, and the impact that it has on you and others.

Naked Man Moleskine

Huge thanks to Den Mother today—he worked hard! And we all felt bad for Vern…nobody could keep up with him, so he basically worked out by himself. Ok, nobody really felt bad for Vern. Final thanks to Shooter and Second Best for clarifying the difference between Shoney’s and Show Me’s!
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June 22, 2021

The Ridge

Who was there?

Total PAX: 12

PAX that HC’d:5-Putt, Boston Butt, Den Mother, Foundation, Morticia, Second Best, Shooter McGavin, SkidMark, Spinout, Vern
Stowaways:El Dinghy, Pummel Horse

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