06/22/2021 – Black Diamond RC – Tuesday

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Disclaimer, I am not a professional, I do not know of any injuries. You have come of your own free will and should know your limits, but I’m going to challenge you today to push beyond what you think you can do.

Runners, Run Club enthusiasts, and those that want to set a run baseline this OYO Black Diamond is for you. Yes, it’s a Black Diamond but this is for all fitness levels and this is truly going to be a you vs. you.You are expected to warm up and stretch on your own as there will be No WoR and No Mary. Everyone’s goal is to complete 100 reps of 5 exercises and 6 miles in the hour. This was inspired from the brain of Short Sale and he completed it in 57:02 on June 7th.


WoR was pre 0500 and done OYO

The Thangs

Thang 1:@ 0500 1 mile run20 Flutter Kicks 20 Shoulder Taps 20 Scissors 20 Mountain Climbers 20 American Hammers 1 mile run 20 x 5 again 1 mile run 20 x 5 again 1 mile run 20 x 5 again 1 mile run 20 x 5 again 1 mile run Victory jog or walk Lap(s) if completed under 60 minutes


There was no Mary

Circle of Trust (CoT)

David Goggins get’s a lot of views but I tend to gravitate towards Cameron Hanes. Nobody cares, work harder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oahh2_r6sK4 Watch the video linked here. His mindset is do, lead by example and never take it for granted. I told the other 4 PAX (JFD had to leave early) that the rest of what I will say will stay at this CoT, on this track and on 6/22 at 6:04 am. I spoke from the heart and talked to each man individually. If you weren’t there, I wish you were. Prayer from the heart.

Naked Man Moleskine

The goal was 6 miles for this BD RC and I told the PAX that I expected everyone to finish. Then I asked, would this be the longest RC that you all have completed? The answer was yes. JFD arrived and looked tired. 6:58 pace for 6.5 miles showed he wasn’t. Led from the front the entire time and took souls, animal. 49 minutes completed. BCS kept pace with JFD and finished in 50 minutes, walked a lap and stretched with me at the end. Silent, consistent and always impressive. Dilly Dilly would pass me, I’d pass him but in the end he finished around 52 minutes, did an extra 5×20 set and kept running to 7+ miles. Grit! Short Sale had a time of 57 minutes when he ran this on June 7th and beat his time at 56 minutes and there was no doubt he was going to finish this. Skinner was battling some calf injuries and at one point I saw him stretching and hoped he would continue on. Well of course he did, without complaint and finished right around 57 minutes. Impressive battle mentally and physically. We also had two other men on the track with us. One walking and one running. The started after we did and left before we finished but I hope we motivated them to keep going on their fitness journey and maybe someday they will join us. 52 degrees, no wind, crisp cool air and zero excuses because nobody cares and we worked harder.
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