06/19/2021 – The Wood – Ruck Club

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arrived around 6:22am, just after Qing the EBC.  Picked this Q up from @Dilly_Dilly, who had 2.0 Duty.  Ate some energy Gummies on the way in, and chugged a coffee, had been up last night doing Grow Ruck Training, and Q’d the EBC at the Colosseum.  Met Potty Mouth for the first time……. Took a deep breath and got the guys circled up.

Told the Men at the Wood, that I needed their strenght to get through this workout, told them of my last 12 hours, and asked that they do one thing for me, push themselves as hard as they could.  As long as they didnt quit, I couldnt quit.  I needed them to get me through this.


Motivators from 5 Knee and ankle rotation Hip Rotation Arm Cirlces Neck Rotation Stretch on your own

The Thangs

Thang 1:Ruck to Hill Bear Crawl Ruck Pull Up the hill Crawl Bear Ruck pull Down the Hill Ruck to Front Parking lot 4 Courners
  • (25) 4 count Squats IC
  • (25) ruck Swings Oyo
  • (25) ruck Curls on my up
  • (25) Ruck High Pulls on my up
Ruck around front, back to flags Parking lot Suicides, squat every parking line


Deep Stretching

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Fathers day…… have a safe and fun Fathers day, call those fathers, grandfathers up, wish them a happy fathers day.  Never stop trying to be the best father, papa, grandfather you can be

Naked Man Moleskine

Only one more workout to go…… 2.0  gonna be fun
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