06/19/2021 – The Colosseum – Saturday – Early Boot Camp

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Arrived onsite with absolutely  no energy.  I had completed Grow Ruck Training the night before, and was as tired as a Dog Running all day.  As PAX arrived Bob Villa and Myself greeted them accordingly.


Disclosure.  I am not a professional.  I asked all the PAX to pick me up and give me their all, as I was unaccustomed to being the 6.







WOR Motivators from 6 Tappy Taps IC 10 Good Morning IC 10 Arm Circles Ea Way 10

The Thangs

Thang 1:Thang One- Goal is 15 Rounds (10) Thrusters with Ruck/Coupon one end of Parking lot Sprint to other end (10) Burpees Spring Back   All but two completed the exercises in the alloted time, the rest of us picked up the 6 to make sure everyone got (15) rounds in


Finished Thang 1

Circle of Trust (CoT)

COT Picking up the 6.  Everyone needs help picking up the 6, today it was me.  I was motivated by all of you busting your ass.  I wasnt the 6, but thats cause you all picked me up.  As tired as I was, and as mentally done as I was, it was all of you that got me through this.  We need to remember in life all of us need someone to pick us up, weather its in work, or physically we all need to be picked up.  So make sure you all pay it forward and pick up the 6 when you can.  Pick up the 6 at work, pick up your M when she needs a 6, but be there for those that need you.  One day you will need it I promise you that!!!!!!!

Naked Man Moleskine

Quote from Bob Villa “Now I know how to Beat Disco, Have him do an overnight Grow Ruck Training then have him come to EBC”
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