06/18/2021 – The Olympiad – Friday – Run Club

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Started out waiting on the lightning to pass, but we we’re able to give it a go @ 5:15am. Rain trickled the entire time… never really poured. No lightning was seen until we started Mary.


Good Mormings IC: 10 Imperial Walkers IC: 10 Arm Circles IC: 10/10 Abe Vigoda’s IC: 10

The Thangs

Thang 1:800/400 repeats Run 800 meters (2 laps) at a normal pace (75%) Race 400 meters (1 lap) at race pace (100%+) Repeat until Mary


Daisy Pickers: C/L/C/R Calf Stretch: R/L Groin Stretch: R/L

Circle of Trust (CoT)

When my son got a “22 a day” shirt from Nine Line for his birthday I was reminded that on average 22 veterans a day take their own lives. We are men are NOT emotional creatures. A lot of times we like to hide behind our sword and shield and never really bring out what we are dealing with behind the curtain. I reminded everyone of two facts…1. when you’re talking to someone (especially a man) keep in mind that you have no idea what they’re struggling with and some people have a storm going on (they’re just really good at hiding it) & 2. We are ALL (men & women) made in the Image of God… you are not just talking to a person… you are talking to a person made in the very Image of God. Aye!

Naked Man Moleskine

Father, bless these Fathers and men this weekend. Thank you for our cooler, rainy day. Bless our path ahead and our weekend with our families in Jesus’ name!
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