06/17/2021 – The Colosseum – Thursday – Boot Camp

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53F and beautiful!

Announcement / Disclaimer:

Good morning and welcome! I am not a professional.  I do not know of any injuries you may have.  Please modify any workout as you need.  We are all here on our own free will.  Be safe, push hard, and lets go home injury free.


Core Principles:

  • Free of Charge
  • Open to all men
  • Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold
  • Peer lead in a rotating fashion
  • Ends in a circle of trust


Warm O Rama
  • Easy Mosey around lot
  • Tappy Taps x10 (IC)
  • Michael Phelps x10 (IC)
  • Calf Stretch x30sec per leg
  • Hamstring Stretch x30 sec per leg
  • Easy Mosey around lot

The Thangs

Thang 1:The Thang – Pearls on a String Run to bridge with 3 stop to bridge.
  • Stop 1 – Smurf Jacks x41, 2-count – For Tourniquets 41st B-Day
  • Stop 2 – No Surrenders x 16 total, alternate legs
  • Stop 3 – Big Boys x41 OYO
  • Stop 4 – The Bridge
    • Pax hold plank/squat for SIX. Six gives 10 count
    • All PAX Welsh Dragon across the bridge
  • Return making 3-stops doing exercises in reverse.
    • Watch time and adjust reps as needed.


6MoM Crowd Pleasures to 5:5 and back to 1:1 Look them up, they suck…

Circle of Trust (CoT)

CoT Men, F3 like all organizations rely on its member to sustain its existence.  We are the life blood of F3 and our active participation is essential our healthy existence.  As of late, we are having a hard time filling in the Q schedule.  PAX are getting their HC’s in late making it difficult for Q’s to plan workouts.   With that said, I encourage each and every one of you to increase your level of participation.  Get on the website and promote some mumble chatter, reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and EH them to hang out with us in the gloom, and get out and lead a workout.   We are Stronger Together!   SYITG   Jellystone

Naked Man Moleskine

Happy Birthday Tourniquet!!!
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June 17, 2021

The Colosseum

Who was there?

Total PAX: 13

PAX that HC’d:5-Putt, Ericcoleman, Happy Camper, Jellystone, Lug Nutz, Ozark, Pawn Star, Potty Mouth, ShortSale, Slinky, Toby, Tourniquet, Unibrow

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